Professionalism Essay Throughout the term we will discuss accounting professionalism, the public interest, and the role of accountants in society. This assignment will ask you to explore what it means to be an accounting professional in the 21st century.

In addressing this topic, consider questions such as(but not limited to):

▪ What does it mean to you to be an accounting professional?

▪ What are the important characteristics of professionals, generally, and accounting professionals, specifically?

▪ What role(s) do professional accountants play in our economy, society, democracy, etc.? Think broadly!

▪ How have your views been shaped by your study of accounting and your own personal and/or professional experiences?

Support your thoughts on these questions with practical examples that demonstrate your understanding of the course material from ACTG 495. You can also draw on material, projects, Accounting 495, Winter 2021 discussions, etc. from other accounting courses you have taken at PSU and from your own experiences.

The Professionalism Essay is to be completed individually. Your Essay should be approximately 1,500 words, plus references (you may use any referencing format-MLA, APA, etc.). The due date for the Essay is indicated in the Schedule of Topics and Assignments. You will submit your essay via the Activities – Assignments tab in D2L. Turnitin ® or another plagiarism detection tool will be used to confirm the originality of all submissions.

I encourage you over the next few weeks to start brainstorming about what ideas you want to express in your essay. As the term progresses, develop the themes that you want to explore and start to overlay our discussions from various cases in this context. Keep developing your ideas and weaving our cases, readings, and class discussions into your views of the accounting profession and professional responsibilities and expectations. I attached file similar to what I want but I want it wit different informations.

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