Write a project plan for a project of your own choosing within your own department. Include the following topics in your description: Scope, Stakeholders, Schedule, People, Control, Financials, and Communication.

The project can be real, as in it is currently underway or it is to be proposed. But the project can also be hypothetical, as in you thought of it yourself without intention to actually carry it out. However, the project plan should be written as if the project is actually to be carried out at a hospital.

General instructions

Document type: Word-document Language: American English (check spelling) Word count: Minimum 1000 words, maximum 2000 words Font: Times new Roman (12 points, double spaced) Lay-out: Use title page (title, assignment, author name, date)

Use headings for each topic (Heading 1, heading 2, …) Use page numbers


Would this work?

The document should be such that if all descriptions of the project were to be followed exactly, the project would be a success. Therefore, it should be:

Complete; no information necessary for execution of the project should be missing, detailed; the information should be enough for anybody to understand, and with forethought; the information should consider any real-life obstacles.

Does it cover the topic correctly?

Information under one heading should cover that topic in full. It can build on information from another heading (no need to repeat parts) but it should not include other information than the heading suggests.

Do the different topics match with each other?

Information under one heading should match information provided under another, such that, when combined, they result in a complete unified project description.

Suggested Project Plan Below is a suggested format to follow when composing the project plan. It is not mandatory to follow this format, rather a suggestion to support composing a complete project plan. You can use the questions to help compose your project plan content – you do not necessarily need to answer all questions. The only real guideline are the headings (and you can use these in a different order if you want).

General description of the project In just a few sentences provide an overview of the project; what is it about, where does it take place and who does it concern?

Scope What is the need for this project; why is it necessary?

What is the benefit of this project, what would it provide?

What are the objectives of the project, what does it aim to achieve?

What is the work to be completed during the project, what will be done?

What are the deliverables of the project, what physical product will be available during and after the project?

Stakeholders Which people, groups of people or institutes are affected by this project?

Who will be interested in the process or outcomes of this project? (Who might object?) Whose indirect participation, support, or approval will influence the success of this project? Schedule When will the project start? How long will it take? When will it finish?

What do these moments depend on?

Draw Gantt chart showing the tasks with the time required for each task and its start?

What tasks will be completed in this time and what is the proposed timeline for them?

Which tasks happen simultaneously, and which can only start after others are completed (and why)?

What are important moments during the project (deadlines, milestones) and how do these relate to each other?

People What roles or functions are important during this project?

Which responsibilities within the project do these cover?

What special ability, skill or experience is required to fulfil this function?

What resources are required to fulfil this function?

Who is directly participating in this project?

What tasks does which person complete? Where and when?

Who does each project participant report to and how will their participation be secured?

Control What information will be recorded during the project? How, when and by whom?

How is this information used during the project or at project finish?

What decisions are made based upon this information, when and by whom?

How are the necessary adjustments made during the project? How, when and by whom? Financials What aspects of this project cost money, require a time-investment, or make use of products or facilities?

When do these costs occur? How are they paid during the project – or after?

What is the total ‘cost’ of this project? And when should the finances for these costs be ready? Communication What information is necessary for the project process?

Who requires what information? When?

Who generates this information, who collects it and how is it stored?

How is important information distributed? When and how?

What information is necessary for completion of the project? How is this shared?

suggestion topics

(buying medical device (lucas chest compression system) or ( visiting to high school to teach student about 1st aids and CPR)

I attached to example and power point to give you an idea how it will look like

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