The goal for this assignment is for you to demonstrate that you understand a research article and that you can apply child development concepts to the research findings. Please find one original, peer-reviewed research study to analyze.

Read your chosen article carefully, taking notes along the way so that you can make sure you are understanding what you are reading. Then, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, answer the following questions in a 5-7 page essay:

  • Research Questions: What is this research study about? What question(s) were the authors attempting to answer? Why is this research important?
  • Methods: What methods did they use to answer the question?
  • Key Findings: What were the key findings of the study?
  • Justification of Results: How did the researchers explain or justify the results?
  • Final Conclusions: What conclusions did they come to based on their findings?
  • Personal Response: What is your personal response to this article? Were you surprised by any of the findings? Why or why not? Discuss how this research finding fits with what you have learned in this course.
  • Apply the various theories and concepts of child development to discuss whether these research findings can be explained by what you read in the text.
  • Be sure to properly cite, in APA format, any references you use.

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