I don’t required ( line, style, length) but you need to do researching clearly and understandable.

Focus on area(s) where circular economy could be incorporated.

Explain how were are placing the circular economy on different topics of the airplane (internal and external) Design & software – Technology.

so we to explain how the changes in our airplane model will be from the design section. so you will explain this first a brief summary and the explain how we are making our new model sustainable. for example engine will be changed so that biofuels can be used.

Discussion of relevant circular economy activities and/or business models

Circular economy activities

  • design out waste,
  • build resilience through diversity,
  • work toward energy from renewable sources,
  • think in systems, and
  • think in cascades

Circular economy models

  • circular supply chain,
  • recovery and recycling,
  • building products to last,
  • sharing platform, and
  • Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) business model.

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