Organizational Customer Service Analysis: Apple Technology Company

The purpose of this assignment is twofold: (1) to judge the organization with respect to its customer service, and (2) to apply what you have learned about customer service and to create improvements.

The first part of this assignment requires you to apply the theoretical frames presented in this course. Theoretically, vision and mission are supposed to be based on values. Unfortunately, some organizations “lose their way” to the extent that their actions do not remotely connect with their customer service skills. Others, craft their customer service around “actions” and “things” they value, not the values themselves. Questions you need to ask are: “How does the performance of the organization align with and fulfill its CUSTOMER SERVICE?” The second part of this assignment is to propose ways to better connect or improve the relationship between the customer service and performance of the organization. Remember that you need to provide some background information about the organization since others may not be familiar with it.

1.Provide a profile of the organization that includes its vision, mission, goals and customer service structure.

2.Describe the organizational customer service styles.

3.Analyze the actions of the organization’s customer service skills.

Please remember that this is a scholarly paper, and not an opportunity to vent. Your opinion is not as important as the factual information you discover and support with research.

This assignment is a research paper 10-12 pages long and written in current APA 7th Edition style. Use a minimum of 10 references. You may wish to search the Internet, review professional literature.

Rubric for Research Paper: Organizational Vision Analysis


oComprehensive description of organizational vision, mission, goals and structure

oDiscussion of leadership styles/theories/models

oAnalysis of organizational commitment to the vision

oEvaluation of organization’s ability to achieve the vision

oLogical flow of ideas

oOverall organization of the assignment

Writing quality

oProper use of grammar, and punctuation

oHigh level of vocabulary

oQuality writing

oIntegration of research

oUse of third person

APA style 7th edition

oAppropriate use of direct and indirect quotes

oAppropriate use of citations in the text

oCorrect format of reference list

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