The responses should:

1. Be “critical” in the sense of showing evidence of your brain, thinking, actively engaging with the texts and with what we discuss about them in class.

2. Show evidence of you doing your ownreadings of the texts – doing your own “close readings” – which should demonstrate:

a.) close attention to the language

b.) close attention to connections with other stories and books as well as with other literature, art with which you might be familiar

c.) close attention to the thematic, theological, cosmological, moralconcepts and themes we’ll seerepeatedly in different permutations among the books

3. close attention to how the presentation of the themes and concepts through various idiomsand genres shapes meaning. (Don’t worry: we’ll spend a lot of time discussing what idioms and genres are.)

4. Show evidence that you are considering the material in the context of our in class lectures and discussions.

5. Be directed by what interests, fascinates, resists, puzzles, delights, frustrates, challenges you!

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