This assignment asks you to complete a rough draft of a resume and cover letter. This will be worth 75 points and the final resume/cover letter will also be worth 75 points. Since we won’t be able to do in-class workshops, I decided to break this assignment into 2 parts so I can provide you individual feedback and you can revise for the final resume/cover letter.

Please read the attached 3 documents in this module: one on resume writing, one on cover letter writing and one on the job search.

Then, please find an ACTUAL job in your field of interest and create a resume AND cover letter for it. If you already have a career/job you are happy with, perhaps look for a higher management opportunity within your current area and think about applying for that.

So to be clear, this is a two-part assignment. You will find an advertised job and create a resume and cover letter for that job. The rough draft of this is worth 75 points and the final draft is worth 75 points.

PLEASE WRITE AVIATION ADMINISTRATION AS MAJOR and ask me if need more information

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