This essay assignment will be an early draft of your Semester project. You should be working up a rough introduction at this point.

Step 1: Find a rhetorical artifact that you will be critiquing for your course semester project.

Step 2: Write up a quick draft of an introduction.

Step 3: Historical–Write up a page about the significance of this artifact–the effect it had (or has) on changing the attitudes, belief’s, and values of the people to whom it was intended. Here is where you explain the “Rhetorical situation” that called this artifact into existence.

Step 4: Biographical–Write a page about the life and background of the “Rhetor.” –the person, group, organization, company, government that produced the artifact.
Look up everything you can discover about the “rhetor” that is relevant to understanding the artifact.

I am only grading on your word count. The real aim here is to provide comments that will hopefully help you to complete the project and improve your writing.

Aim for 600 words at this point –2-3 pages, depending on your font & spacing.

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