Two short paragraphs (APA format not needed for these answers and each answer can be 75-100 words) Please name this Word document Module 7 DQ’s:

You use a laptop and tablet that sync with your OneDrive repository. You were working late one night, and you decided to do a little cleanup of your files. A few days later, you realized that you deleted a couple of reports that were in your sync folder for OneDrive. Describe how to recover those files.

You are an administrator for the Contoso Corporation, which has about 1,200 computers, mostly running Windows 10. Over the past year, you have managed several instances of malware appearing on the computers of key personnel, leading to a compromise of some key systems. You want to ensure that this does not happen again. Explain how to make sure that users’ credentials and other key parts of Windows are not compromised by rootkits or other forms of malware.

Two separate short questions that can be part of one document (You can also answer each question with about 75-100 words each, but must be in APA format)

The point assignment is setup as:

Title Page = 5 points

Proper Font = 5 points

Case Answers = 10 points

Title this document Module 7 Assignment 2:

Scenario 13-1

Support staff members have been complaining about the amount of time they are spending restoring selected users’ files on their Windows 10 PCs. The users are pretty technically savvy and can perform the tasks themselves, but you don’t want to give them administrative privileges on their PCs. Describe your recommended solution.

Scenario 14-1

You are an administrator for your company’s Active Directory domain. Your manager has decided to allow users to use their own smartphones and tablets to access email and work documents. Explain what must be configured for users to use their own personal devices?

**Please do not use old book references, only newer online references if needed.

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