‘’Research paper’’

The topic about procrastination

Use only these resources

use three or four body paragraphs for the research paper

Introductory paragraph:

Write an introductory paragraph where you:

  • introduce the topic
  • define the concept
  • pose the research question
  • state your thesis

Body paragraph: in the first body paragraph use these steps

  • This could be a second paragraph of your essay following the introduction. In the second paragraph, a background information on the issue should be described. You must have at least two outside sources cited and/or quoted in the paragraph.
  • This could also be a body paragraph that follows the background of the issue. In this paragraph, you will describe one of the items you mention in the thesis. If your thesis and the research in general focus on the reasons why students procrastinate, summarize one of the main reasons, and use at least two outside sources that are cited and quoted in the text.

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