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Structure and Content of the responses should consist of the following:

1. Thesis Statement: One to three sentences characterizing the topic of the response and possible conclusion.

2. Exposition: Explain what your argument/focus will be in this response. This body of the response must be your thoughts and critical ideas. Do not just convolute this part of the response with numerous quotes and paraphrasing.

3. Analysis: Make sure to critically scrutinize from a negative or positive standpoint in the rhetoric/propaganda in the documents and illustrations you are reading and interpreting.

The reaction response should consist of:

  1. The document(s) or illustration you have chosen to write your reaction over.
    (provide the title and URL of each document)
  2. Your critical interpretation/opinion of the rhetoric/illustration you are reading, writing and interpreting. You can write on any cross section of the document(s) and illustrations in the learning units.

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