The requirement:

Two of the fundamental transformations in late 17th and early 18th century British North America were the consolidation of slavery and the spread of Anglicization (i.e. the colonies becoming more like Britain). To what extent were these two developments linked? To what extent were they in contradiction? How did they manifest themselves both in terms of the development of colonial society and in the place of the colonies in the British Empire?

You do not need to answer all of these questions. They are there to highlight possible ways to approach the fundamental question: what, if any, was the relationship between Anglicization and the consolidation of slavery in British North America? Be certain that you do answer that central question and that you do so with evidence drawn from the actual readings. Be sure that you clearly state your argument in the opening paragraph and that you develop that argument throughout the paper.

Please use a 12 point font and be sure to double space with normal margins. In the case of the documents (the primary reading sources) please cite title (Equiano) and page.

The readings in the following file are available resources, you don’t need to use all the files in it to read, but you can only use these files for writing, also please don’t plagiarize, and don’t submit to turnitin.

Thank you very much!

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