For this week’s Discussion, you will find a credible source that presents a rival perspective to your argument for change, share a key passage from the source, and then paraphrase that information using a signal phrase and in-text citation. Respond to the following prompts in at least two well-developed paragraphs (not including the copied-and-pasted material from your secondary source):

  • Describe the rival source you found and why you selected that source. What makes this a reliable source?
  • Copy and paste a 1-5 sentence passage from the source and label it as the “Original Passage.”
  • Paraphrase the short passage you shared. Be sure to use in-text citations with any sentences paraphrasing ideas from the source, e.g., (Doe, 2013) or According to Jane Doe (2013). Remember from your Reading, an effective paraphrase sets up the information and explains it in a way that connects it to your argument (Krause, 2007).
  • Ask an open-ended question related to how you can effectively address the disagreement in your argument or related to paraphrasing and using sources.
  • At the end of your post, provide a complete APA style reference page citation for the source.

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