The answer should be in APA format. It should have a clear introduction, an equally clear thesis supported by specific evidence, and a compelling conclusion. As the above list of materials suggests, it may be constructed from a mix of primary and secondary sources you have encountered in this course. Use footnotes to cite sources. Resources on Chicago Style


  1. Many Americans envision their country as a melting pot that assimilates different peoples into a homogenous American “type,” yet Americans have always experienced divisions between different races, ethnicities, and economic classes. What kinds of racial, ethnic, and economic inequalities occurred between 1865 and 1924? Why did those inequalities occur? How did marginalized Americans try to improve their position in the United States?

Note: You will not be able to address ALL these groups and ALL these forces in such a short space. Rather than trying to be comprehensive, you should instead focus on the best and most important examples. Remember also that excellent projects are grounded in specific evidence rather than “gut feelings” about causes and effects.

Why are you doing this project? A historian’s job is to ask questions about the past, develop the best possible answers with the evidence available, and present those answers in a compelling form. This same process of ask, investigate, answer, and present is common to science, medicine, business, and every other profession.

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