Write a paragraph for each of the following four prompts: Discussion about the process of writing the paper

  1. Reflect on the process of choosing your topic for your final essay.
    • Did you encounter any challenges as a result of your topic choice?
    • Did you learn any surprising or interesting information?
    • Did you find any information that changed your mind about the best argument for your chosen controversial topic?
  2. Look back at your outline assignment.
    • How closely does your final draft follow your outline assignment?
    • If you made any changes, why did you make them?
    • How did they make your essay stronger?
    • Discuss ways that you think you could have strengthened your original essay.
  3. Think about the process of conducting research.
    • How difficult was it for you to find sources relevant to your chosen topic?
    • Look at the publication dates of the articles you chose. How recent are they?
    • Was it important for your topic to have sources that were recent?
    • Describe any problems or successes you had as you searched.
    • Explain why you ultimately chose the sources that you did, and discuss any sources you may have looked at but decided not to use, explaining why you did not incorporate them.
  4. Describe your experience with the revision and editing process.
    • Are these stages something that come naturally to you, or do you find that you are reluctant to make changes after completing your first draft?
    • What changes would you say that you made during the revision process that ultimately had the biggest impact on your essay?
    • How helpful was the review that you received from your peer?
    • Was there any feedback from your peer that you used to strengthen your essay? Were there any suggestions that you ultimately did not incorporate? Explain your reasoning.

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