In your role as an I/O consultant, you’ve created a job analysis,performance appraisal, and selection battery for a chosen occupation. Now, you will develop a relevant training program for that same occupation. In your training program:

  • Identify the critical skills and tasks needed to perform the job duties effectively.
  • Identify which training techniques will be used to teach these skills and tasks.
  • Describe what constitutes successful completion of the learning program and how success will be assessed.
  • Provide details such as the duration of the training and frequency of the training cycle (e.g., how frequently is refresher training mandated?).
  • Describe how the organization could conduct a training evaluation study to ensure that the training program was meeting organizational goals.

Include organizational, task, person, and demographic elements in your plan. Specifically, in each of these categories address the following:

  • Organizational – Explain and justify how your training program for this job meets the needs of the larger organization.
  • Task – Identify the specific skills, duties, and responsibilities required in this job that will be learned, improved, and/or strengthened with participation in this training program.
  • Person – Explain how this training program will identify and address individual levels of training required.
  • Demographic – Explain any specific training needs of a particular employee population that this training will address.

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