I’d like you to read through and take notes on at least two more of your sources (articles, book chapter, etc.). In addition to your normal note taking method, I’d like you to also include a prose paragraph that describes each of your sources and what you think about it. Then, please upload your notes to CCLE under Week 6 as you did this week, by next Friday 2/12 at 5:00pm PST.

To give an example drawn from my own research notes:

Schopen, Gregory. “Archaeology and Protestant Presuppositions in the Study of Indian Buddhism” in Bones, Stones and Buddhist Monks


You can write your summary however you like, but I recommend formatting in terms of answers to three questions:

First describe “What they say” i.e. your summary of their argument.

Then describe “What you say,” your response or opinion about their argument.

Then describe “What you think,” i.e. what you think is a better way to understand the evidence the author presented

Each of the three sentences in the above example basically can be thought of as answers to these three questions, so I hope you can get a sense of how this method works.

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