Imagine you are a magazine writer for a popular fitness magazine like Runner’s World, Shape, or Men’s Health. You are writing an article on injury prevention. The article must include the following:

Name of the injury- scientific and common (if appropriate)

Anatomy of the area surrounding the injury

Cause(s) of the injury

Which type of population is susceptible to the injury

Signs and symptoms of the injury and if it is often confused with a different injury

Criterion for diagnosis

Treatment of the injury for all phases of healing including healing time

Prevention strategies

  • Your paper should read like a magazine article- double columns with picture. 3-4 pages
  • There is no minimum for pictures, but no more than 3.
  • You do need to have at least 8 references, 4 of which must be a primary source.
  • Sources and pictures need to be cited APA style.

This project will be graded in parts.

10/100 points for choosing an injury by 2/16 at EOB

25/100 points for submitting your reference list by 2/22 at EOB

25/100 points for a rough draft/ outline submitted by 3/1 at EOB

40/100 points for the final project ¾ at EOB. A rubric will be provided.

You may pick any injury you like.

Ankle sprain

Plantar fasciitis

Achilles tendonitis or rupture

Patello-femoral pain

IT band Friction syndrome

ACL sprain

Dislocated hip


Herniated disc

Dislocated shoulder

Tennis or golfers elbow

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Adhesive capsulitis

And many more!

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