2 pages Single space (Not include introduction)

You already finish the introduction, now I need you add 2 more pages to finish the rest of this paper.

And put it together.


Turn in a completed paper with an introduction, an analysis section, and a conclusion. In the analysis section consider each of the assumptions we need to prove the Gauss-Markov theorem. In discussing them ask the following questions

Does the writer consider that the assumption might not hold? If so, what does the author propose doing about it or how does the author qualify conclusions of the analysis due to the possible failure of the assumption?

If not, can you see any possibility that the assumption would not hold? Give a specific example.

How would that affect the conclusion the writer draws from the analysis.

In doing this cite the page (and if appropriate the line number on the page) where the issue is discussed or where you think it should have been discussed if it was not.

In your conclusion explain why you think the analysis was or was not convincing.

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