I need th outline to be done before October 12th.. I also want the presentation outline.. Be certain to focus on the environmental issue and its relevance to ecology. Your paper should not be about how humans are impacted by your topicDo not use quotes in your paper.You should paraphrase and give proper credit by citing the author(s); direct quotes are not commonly used in science writing..

. The use of section headings and subheadings can be extremely helpful in structuring a paper, and will make it easier for people to read.

You musthave at least 10 citations for your final paper with at least 8 citations from the primary literature. Additional sources from secondary and tertiary literature (e.g. books, government documents) may be used, but these do not count toward the eight minimum primary sources. Do not cite web-based resources using links.


Page length:8-10 pages, double-spaced. This length does not include figures and tables (optional) and the Literature Cited section.

Page format:1-inch margins and 12-point Times or Times New Roman font

Organism names: scientific names (genus and species) go in italics and common names are lowercase; family names do not go in italics, but start with a capital letter.

Section order:(1) Paper title with your name, your group topic, and section number; (2) the Introduction; (3) the Body of the paper (organized with section headings); (3) Conclusions and Directions for Future Research; (4) Literature Cited section; and (5) an Appendix of figures and tables (optional)..

If you want to receive a good grade on your research review paper, your paper must also contain detailed and useful information on your study system (the study system consists of your threat and how it affects the ecosystem you have researched). Additionally, it must be demonstrated that youhave a firm understanding of this information, as you should be very knowledgeable about your topic by the time you have completed this paper. You will demonstrate your understanding by explaining the relevant research for your topic in your own words.

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